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QFG1 playthrough - part 1

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Posted by: Daerandin
Lord Paladin

The first part of my QFG1 playthrough is up. I decided to go with the Magic User for this playthrough since I find it to be quite enjoyable. In the following games in the series there are some sequences that only the Magic User experience that are very entertaining.

In this first part we are only exploring the town of Spielburg, and learning a bit about the troubles that have befallen this land. Some of the game's humor is also making itself known, like a toaster that can't be used since electricity has not been invented.

Despite having played this game a lot, I am using a guide for reference since I want to ensure I don't miss any points. Nothing is more annoying than getting to the end, and only getting 499 points instead of 500, simply because of forgetting something trivial.

For a more detailed overview on this game, read my article on the game.

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