Quest for Gaming

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If you are reading this, then you have probably stumbled across this website and wonder "Where am I? What am I reading? What is it all about?". Read on, brave explorer, and learn the great secrets of this place.

This is a website, which is content served over the internet through the workings of computer logic and a good deal of magic. Most websites strive to serve some kind of purpose, and very frequently that purpose is to discuss some topic of interest. In case the name of this website didn't give it away, the primary focus for this website is gaming.

Some people say that gaming is a hobby. Then there are some people who say gaming is a waste of time. Here at Quest for Gaming, both of those views are considered wrong. Gaming is not just a meaningful hobby, gaming is a fulfilling way of life. What better way to relieve stress than playing your favorite game. When life is only taking wrong turns, take a break and instead immerse yourself in a good game where you sit at the controls. It may very well be escapism, but where is the harm in taking a break from real life every now and then, or all the time. Games is something to be truly enjoyed, and it is with that attitude in mind that games should be approached.

There is a very big chance that the games discussed here will be a bit obscure to some people. Don't be surprised to see articles about games from the 90's, sometimes even the 80's. That does not mean that newer games are off limits, but it is often the case that older games had very rewarding gameplay. After all, when you can't rely on fancy graphics to captivate gamers then the only other option is to attempt to impress with good game mechanics.

But this does not mean that games is the only topic for this website.

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The original motivation for starting this website was the educational challenge of setting up a web server from scratch, and then hosting a website coded in Python with the Django framework. So there will be the occasional article where more general computer topics are discussed, and possibly coding.

Something that might interest you to know is that pretty much all games played here are run on Linux. If you are either a Linux enthusiast, or Linux curious, you may find it interesting to see that you really can play games on Linux.

So there you have it, the essence of this website.

As for the "team" behind this website, there is no team. Everything is handled by one person at the moment, which means new content might be less frequent.

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