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GNU/Linux and free software

I want to take the time to discuss around the topic of free software. And when I say free software, I don't mean free of cost, I mean software that give the user freedom. Software can be free of charge, but at the same time mistreat its users. Free software on the other hand ensures that the user have full freedom to use the software any way they want, study and modify it, and even …

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Spellforce 2

The first Spellforce was a masterful combination of RPG and strategy. In 2006, the sequel Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars, was released. This sequel stuck to the original formula, while changing some of the base mechanics.

The Avatar and his companions

I really enjoy the visuals of this game, so there are plenty of screenshots in this article, be warned!

The game had an expansion released in 2007, Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm. The expansion continued the story of Shadow Wars, as well as …

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Categories: Role Playing Games, Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Fantasy

Space Hulk

In 1989, Games Workshop released the Space Hulk board game.

First Edition board game

The game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and takes place on old derelict spacecraft and other space debris that has been fused together after drifting for centuries. These ancient vessels are referred to as space hulks. As a space hulk drifts through space, as well as the warp, they might come close to inhabited planetary systems. Usually a space hulk is infested with …

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Categories: Strategy, Science Fiction, Warhammer 40,000

Securing your Linux system

Since I recently performed a fresh Arch Linux install on brand new hardware, I decided to delve into a somewhat new topic for myself, security. I am not saying that I know nothing about computer security, but previously I never delved any deeper into the topic than learning security best practices. This was my journey to teach myself computer security on a slightly more advanced level. Please don't take this as a tutorial on how …

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New Computer 2020

I have only used laptops for the last ten years or so, primarily because I used to live in a very tiny apartment where I would actually struggle to fit a desktop computer. Now I find myself with slightly more space so I have been purchasing parts over the last few months. In May in finally had all the parts and built my first desktop computer in ten years. I've been using it for quite …

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

The 1980's gave us some very interesting and unique movies. The main protagonist would usually be an overly macho badass loaded with unrealistic guns and a bulletproof attitude. It also seemed to be a common movie plot that the apocalypse happened sometime shortly after the year 2000. And that's the premise of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Blood Dragon logo

This game has nothing to do with Far Cry 3, it just uses the same engine. The game …

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I am a big fan of both the RPG and RTS genres. Spellforce is a game that combine the genres, and does it well.

Spellforce Order of Dawn title screen

The original game, Spellforce: The Order of Dawn, was released in 2003. It had two expansions, The Breath of Winter, and Shadow of the Phoenix, both released during 2004. These days you can usually obtain the game with both expansions as Spellforce Platinum.

We also have an article on Spellforce 2 …

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Categories: Role Playing Games, Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Fantasy

Removal of Google services

This website used to rely on several Google services, in particular Google Analytics for learning about visitors, and Google ReCaptcha to try and prevent spam on the Contact and Signup forms.

Google Analytics, in my opinion, tracks too much. It made use of cookies and JavaScript which tracked users across the website, analyzing behaviour. Learning about visitors is definitely useful, it helps to gauge the popularity of the website throughout the world, and what content …

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Arch Linux Philosophy

I've been using Arch Linux as my main operating system for close to 7 years now. Over the years I have seen a lot of people struggle with Arch Linux, and it would be a lie if I say that I also didn't struggle at first. When I first tried Arch Linux I was also fairly new to Linux in general, which means it was probably a bad choice on my part to try out …

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War for the Overworld

Back in the late 90's, we were blessed with a most unusual and awesome game. It was called Dungeon Keeper. It was a game where you were the evil mastermind that constructed dungeons filled with traps and evil creatures, and lured the goodly heroes to their doom. I have no idea how many hours I put into this game. Then came a sequel, Dungeon Keeper 2, with 3D graphics and a vastly refined gameplay. There …

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Categories: Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Fantasy

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