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Compiling Stronghold 2 AI fix from source

A while ago I created a tool that lets you add AI opponents in multiplayer games in Stronghold 2. The tool can be downloaded for windows on this very website: Stronghold 2 fix

The files available for download are precompiled binaries for Windows. My tool also works on Linux, but you need to compile it yourself. For Arch Linux I have created an AUR package which can be found here: sh2_mp_ai_enabler

I am not going …

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Shenzhen I/O

Shenzhen I/O is a programming game, released in November 2016. You take on the role of an electronics engineer, designing curcuits and coding them.

Designing an electrical component

Of course, there is a lot more to the game. There is a story in the game, although I have to admit that I never really took the time to learn the story. I just wanted to work on the programming challenges because that's what the game is all about. You …

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Javascript on websites

This is just going to be a short little article, but it's something I've wanted to express for a while. Ever since I started learning web development many years ago, I have always had a slight dislike for Javascript. Not the programming language itself, but relying on it in web development. I have obviously come to realize that you can't really build a modern website without it, but I still think that a website should …

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vbfi - Visual Brainfuck Interpreter

When I got interested in the brainfuck programming language, I decided that one way to really get an idea for how the programming language works is to actually write an interpreter. For a more detailed look at the actual brainfuck programming language, check out my previous article on it.

If you don't know what an interpreter is, then let me give you the simple version of it. An interpreter can read code for a certain …

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The Brainfuck Programming Language

In this article we will delve a bit into programming. I am going to venture a guess that even people who are not into programming might find this interesting. The brainfuck programming language is simply so weird and mind boggling that I suspect a lot of people might be intrigued by this article.

There are a lot of different programming languages, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Usually you will pick a programming language …

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GNU is 35 years old

GNU LogoGNU just turned 35! If you don't know what GNU is, it can be briefly explained as a collection of computer software. All the system tools and software that Linux distributions use is GNU. For this reason, there are a lot of people that believe it is incorrect to say just Linux, but instead you should refer to it as GNU/Linux. After all, Linux is the kernel while the rest of the operating system is …

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