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Privacy Policy

This document will explain how this website gathers and stores information about visitors. It is not the intent of this website to gather personal information, but it is required for a lot of the functionality on this website. Following is a description of all the ways information is gathered and for what purpose:

This website makes use of Google Analytics. Every time you visit a page on this website, Google Analytics receives information about what page you visit, referrer, your location, the time you visit and how long you spend on the page. This information is then used to learn the popularity of the website in different regions of the world. The information is also used to learn when the site has the most traffic, and at what times the traffic is low and more ideal for maintenance.

None of this information is personally identifiable, and it is only accessible to the site administrator.

If you register an account on this website, then you must also provide a valid email address. This is stored in the database with your username. Your email address is not visible to anyone other than the website administrator. Your email address will never be shared with any third party and will always remain hidden.

This website uses Google Adsense with personalized ads. This means that information related to your visit to this website is shared with Google and the advertisement partners. A full list of the advertisement partners and their information gathering practice is found in the link below.

If you have any questions not covered by the above text, don't hesitate to contact us directely about your questions.

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If you no longer wish to consent to the sharing of your data, you may choose to do so by pressing the button below. Keep in mind that this will make it impossible to browse this website unless you choose to give consent again.