Quest for Gaming

Privacy Policy

Privacy by default is the driving force for this website. There is no tracking or gathering of information, with a very few specific cases. They are as follows:

We do store the IP addresses from logins, especially failed login attempts. This is to prevent brute-force attacks on the website. This information is only visible to the website administrator and will never be made available to anyone else. The only purpose of this information is to block brute force login attempts.

The web server software itself is logging all access to the website, this includes the specific page address, referrer, and IP address. These logs are kept for 14 days and are automatically deleted once they become older than that, only the website owner can view these logs. These logs are only used to identify errors.

Users who wish to register an account is also required to provide a valid email address. This will not be made visible to anyone else. User accounts also require a publicly visible username, this can be anything the user wishes. Further publicly visible information can optionally be put on your account if so desired.

Apart from what is mentioned above, there is no information collection. There is not even any analytics on this website.

If you have any questions not covered by the above text, don't hesitate to contact us directely about your questions.