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My Setup

I did previously do an article on Linux, and I figure there might be some people who are interested in seeing the setup I use for myself. As I probably have mentioned a few times before, I only use Linux. The server that this website is served from is running Debian (link opens in a new tab), one of the oldest Linux distributions that is still under active development. It is not THE oldest still …

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In 1997, the game Carmageddon was released to great controversy. I'm old enough that I still remember the release of the game. In Norway, where I live, it was released without any great hassle. Sure, it was rated 18+, but there were no further restrictions or censorship. However, it was censored in some countries, and even outright banned in certain countries.

Carmageddon title screen

Let's sum up the basic premise of the game. You control your car through …

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Dawn of War - Soulstorm

In 2008, we got the third and final expansion for Dawn of War, Soulstorm.

Soulstorm title image

Soulstorm was not developed by Relic, the developer of all previous installments for Dawn of War. Instead, it was developed by Iron Lore. The expansion adds another two factions, making it a total of 9 factions. However, you will need to own the original Dawn of War, as well as the other two expansions if you want to play all …

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Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

Dark Crusade is the second expansion for Dawn of War, and this is where the series definitely took a turn for the better. Not that Dawn of War was not good before Dark Crusade, it's just so much better after Dark Crusade.

Dark Crusade title screen

Released in 2006, this expansion added two new factions, as well as a completely new campaign with a unique mechanic. Let's talk about the campaign first, because it really is what makes …

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Categories: Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Science Fiction, Warhammer 40,000

The importance of HTML

I just came across an article on HTML, and it was a surprising read for me. First of all I feel like I should say that I am not a professional web developer. I am not employed in the field and I've never worked on any large projects except my own website. Because of this, I probably am not following the current trends in web development. I learned some basic web development through a course …

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Master of Magic

Among the many games that I played growing up, I still play some of those games to this day. Master of Magic, originally released in 1994, is a timeless classic.

Master of Magic title screen

You take the role of a wizard, seeking to become the master of all magic. You start out as the ruler of a small village and must expand for your power to grow. You are not alone as other rival wizards are on the same …

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Dawn of War - Winter Assault

In 2005 we got the first expansion for Dawn of War, the expansion is Winter Assault and it added a new faction as well as multiple campaigns. There were also changes made to the existing factions, some changes seemed a bit odd in that they limit some choices regarding weapon upgrades to your units.

Winter Assault title screen

The new faction is the Imperial Guard consisting of weak infantry, but powerful vehicles. They also have multiple commander units …

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Categories: Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Science Fiction, Warhammer 40,000

Dawn of War

Dawn of War title from the intro video

Warhammer 40,000 is a tabletop miniature wargame, something young me dabbled in for several years. The one thing that kind of stopped me was the fact that you need to paint the miniatures yourself, and I have absolutely no artistic skill at all. I did try to pain some Blood Angels Terminators, and they turned out really terrible. Thankfully, Relic released an RTS adaptation of Warhammer 40,000 in 2004, Dawn of War! For me, this …

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Categories: Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Science Fiction, Warhammer 40,000

Might and Magic VI

Since Might and Magic V, it would take five years before New World Computing released another RPG in the Might and Magic series. The wait was worth it. In 1998, we got Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven.

Might and Magic 6 title during intro video

I should warn all readers that this game is my all time favorite game, this article might show that bias. I will still try to be objective, at least some of the time. Also, I …

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Categories: Role Playing Games, Might and Magic, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Javascript on websites

This is just going to be a short little article, but it's something I've wanted to express for a while. Ever since I started learning web development many years ago, I have always had a slight dislike for Javascript. Not the programming language itself, but relying on it in web development. I have obviously come to realize that you can't really build a modern website without it, but I still think that a website should …

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