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Might and Magic II

In 1988, New World Computing released Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. This is the second game in the Might and Magic series, and quite an improvement over the first. There is also a greater focus on game story. The manual for the game has a four page backstory, which give you a proper introduction to the world.

Might and Magic 2 title screen

Playing through this game, it is very quickly obvious that there are not too many …

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vbfi - Visual Brainfuck Interpreter

When I got interested in the brainfuck programming language, I decided that one way to really get an idea for how the programming language works is to actually write an interpreter. For a more detailed look at the actual brainfuck programming language, check out my previous article on it.

If you don't know what an interpreter is, then let me give you the simple version of it. An interpreter can read code for a certain …

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Might and Magic

Let's take a step back into simpler times. When nobody knew about fancy graphics, and games were really difficult to complete. Games did not distinguish between main and side quests, you really had to explore everything if you wanted to truly progress. Starting a new game meant that you had to expect death from every three out of four encounters. On second thought, it does not really seem like simpler times? Looking back, it seems …

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The Brainfuck Programming Language

In this article we will delve a bit into programming. I am going to venture a guess that even people who are not into programming might find this interesting. The brainfuck programming language is simply so weird and mind boggling that I suspect a lot of people might be intrigued by this article.

There are a lot of different programming languages, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Usually you will pick a programming language …

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Dying Light

A platform with a low brick wall, overlooking a mountainside

Zombie games never held much of an attraction to me personally. I remember playing Left 4 Dead when it was still fairly new, and it was a decent cooperative experience. I will admit, killing hordes of zombies was fun, but after a while it seemed a bit hollow. There was also a bit of a zombie hype some years back, but it never managed to catch my attention. So I will say it now, I …

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Shroud of the Avatar Collectors Box

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPG's, is something I generally don't spend time on. Interacting with other humans is something I tend to find annoying at best. When I sit down to play a game I want to be able to immerse myself into the story and world. If some character comes running up to my character, shouting leet-speak, my immersion is generally ruined. This does not mean that I dispose all kinds …

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Stronghold Legends

Big medieval town

Firefly Studios released their first game in 2001. The game was received favorably by both critics and players, and was a commercial success. A lot of people still hold this game in high regard, and it launched a franchise. We are talking about Stronghold. A game where you have to manage the economic aspects of running a medieval castle, while also fending off attacks by building defensive walls and towers. This ended up evolving into …

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Linux for your home computer

Most people in this world is running Windows on their home computers. This is not surprising considering that pretty much all computers are sold with Windows pre-installed. Windows is intended to be easy to use for non-technical people, and if you are into games then it is definitely the easiest choice. Pretty much all games are made for Windows. Any support for other operating systems is mostly an afterthought for games, if such support is …

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GNU is 35 years old

GNU LogoGNU just turned 35! If you don't know what GNU is, it can be briefly explained as a collection of computer software. All the system tools and software that Linux distributions use is GNU. For this reason, there are a lot of people that believe it is incorrect to say just Linux, but instead you should refer to it as GNU/Linux. After all, Linux is the kernel while the rest of the operating system is …

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Quest for Glory

So you want to be a hero?

The Hero outside the town of Spielburg The Hero standing by a house

When I was in elementary school, I would frequently visit an uncle who had a large collection of games, not only for the PC but also for the Amiga. In case you are wondering, Amiga was a computer system not too different from the PC. I would spend a lot of time exploring his game collection, always on the lookout for something fun. Among those games was one …

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