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Posted by: Daerandin
Lord Paladin

Currently, this website is relying on Google for all automatic emails. When you register a new account, request a password reset, or use the contact form for this website, there are emails sent. These emails are currently sent via Google email service and this is something I want to change. Google is known for being a hoarder of information, and I'm not comfortable with that. The plan is to migrate to ProtonMail (opens in a new tab), which I have very good experience with. I was also considering using self-hosted mail server, but that's something I've never set up myself. I already have a ProtonMail account, so it seems like a logical choice.

Now, setting up this will take time. I need to change some DNS records, which takes time. In this time I need to disable everything that relies on email on this website. So, starting this Monday (27th of January) at around 18.00 UTC, I will be disabling all parts of this website that rely on email. Those parts will not become available again until after I have verified that the new email setup with ProtonMail works. It will probably take a few days before such things are up and running again. The change in DNS records usually take at least a day, and only after that can I start to test the new configuration.

I am excited to start using ProtonMail for all email purposes that this website needs!

EDIT: The change has happened. For regular users there will not be any noticeable change. But you can know that the automatic emails are now handled by an email provider with a strong focus on privacy.

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