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Posted by: Daerandin
Lord Paladin

Roughly six months ago I decided to start working on a little pet-project of mine. I enjoy coding, but I've not really coded anything to be unleashed upon the rest of the world. Mostly I just write small programs for very specific personal goals on my own computers. I have always been somewhat of a control freak, so adjusting even the most basic stuff is quite satisfying for me. So I started this project where I set up a web server with my own chosen Linux distro and configure it myself. But that was just the preliminary work. The real work was in coding the website, which was mostly enjoyable, and sometimes extremly frustrating. Most importantly, the entire process was always educational. And this was one of the primary reasons why I wanted to do it in the first place.

I worked diligently on it for about a month or so. Then I totally forgot about it for almost 5 months. Or rather, I got too engrossed in some games. Dying Light is a very good game, and difficult to stop playing. Then there's Stellaris, something worth an article of its own in due time. But I did eventually get back into working on this website. Mostly it was the fact that I was on vacation without access to my gaming computer. That left me without much to do except code. And so it took two weeks of my vacation to finish up what was left to do.

This website is not really "finished" by the time I am writing this. The design could probably do with some fine tuning. I was never good at design, but I did get some helpful pointers. I also have some ideas for more features, although I don't intend to start implementing anything new anytime soon. So for now, everything is done.

The first games I intend to write about will be dealing with the inspiration for the name of this website, specifically the Quest for Glory games. I think it is especially fitting to take a look at this old series now, seeing that the couple behind the series have released a new game now. A game that takes place in the same world. I will not be able to play the game until I get back from vacation, sadly. I backed the game on Kickstarter years ago, and now that it is finally released I still have to wait to play it.

Be sure to check it out, it is called Hero-U

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